Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Return Journey

18th July - 2010: Next day our train was by 6.00 pm, so in morning we went to Raghunath temple and in market we did a big shopping and came back to Dharmshala by 4 pm. By 5 pm we left Dharmshala and dragged our feet towards station. Our train Ajmer express arrived there 15 minutes late by 6.15 pm. We boarded into our coach and occupied our berths. I couldn’t forget that moment of departure from Jammu. With wailing heart we were looking out of windows to that holy land of our Abode of snow. We were much obliged to our “Baba Amarnath”, who made my dream journey successful with a decent team.

Anyway we reached Delhi by next morning on 19th July and switched our trains for Bokaro and for Mumbai. Ranjan had to stay at Delhi so Daddy departed alone for Bokaro by Kalka Mail and we departed for Mumbai by Golden temple express.
I returned Mumbai on 20th July morning with stunning memories of the trip, with lovely & liberal friends rather comedy characters - they were just keeping talk and make you laugh till your intestine hurts! Today morning, I was missing everything and when I slept last night, I was just so thankful to God that this was just 10 days privilege trip, after which I could enjoy all the luxuries again. I never really thought everything was so valuable since I got them so easily. Sometimes even complained about life being so unfair!! Now the same things meant too big to me & I have really started realizing how lucky I am!!

I would like to thank Mangesh, Kunal, Shiva, Ranjan and my lovely supporting Dad, who were sent by Bholenath (Lord Shiva) as a coordinator to execute and make way for our successful and thrilling trek which is a must for all those people who love life, gods creations and nature in abundance. I would also like to thank Zameer Gori and Anant Singh for their initial co-ordination. They couldn’t be the part of our yatra team, due to some circumstances. Thanks to all those people who gave us support, guidance and assistance in completing our trek with thrill, fear, fatigue, ease, comfort and luxury.

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