Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Divine of Snow (Baba Amarnath)

यः सतत कर्त्रिनाम, भक्तानाम, अशुभं | पापं च शयती न शयती सः शिवः||

I have been planning for this holy Amarnath Yatra since the last 15 years, but as it is said in Hindu religion and it is believed that until and unless the divine calls you, irrespective of all the circumstances in your favor, you will not be able to complete his/her pilgrimage un-hindered and that was stopping me for all these years.

So, for the first time in my life I got inspired to visit the sacred Amarnath cave in Kashmir in July 2010. In India, visiting this sacred cave is described as doing Amarnath Yatra, and the pilgrims doing this yatra are called Amarnath Yatris. The Amarnath Yatris address each other as BHOLE. BHOLE is the popular name for Lord Shiva who appears in the form of "Ice-Shiva-Linga" every year in the sacred Amarnath Cave. So a devotee of BHOLE becomes "BHOLE" - such are the generosity of Lord Shiva on his devotees.

Baba Amarnath Ice Lingam
This year (2010 A.D), the Amarnath Yatra was going to be started on 1st July. Before this, it was widely reported in the print and electronic media that the Shiva Linga this year is very tall (18 feet). So huge number of people throughout India got inspired to do the Amarnath Yatra and get darshan of Shiva Linga through their own eyes. Doing the darshan of the Ice Shiva Linga is a blessing. And no Hindu wants to be deprived of it because Lord Shiva is one of the Supreme Gods in Hinduism.
Baba Amarnath : Holy Cave
ॐ मृत्यूंजाय, रूद्राय, नीलकंठाय, संभवे। अमृतेशाय सर्वाय महादेवाय ते नम:॥

हे रूद्र! आप मृत्यू को जितने वाले हैं। हे नीलकण्ठ आप अमृत सदृश्य सभी को सुख प्रदान करने वाले हैं।

 हे महादेव आपको नमस्कार। जय भोलेनाथ ..हरी ॐ


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